Apollo Twin/ Universal Audio :

This interface is one of the best mobile studio equipments invented. It's industry standard plug-ins and hardware makes it easy for the artist to make quality music from their very own home studio. All you need is a laptop, microphone, headphones and your ready to go.

Audio Technica AT2020 :

Looking for a good mic to start with? If your on a budget, this to me is one of the best condensed mics for post production. I use this mic with my Apollo and Macbook pro to record my music. I also recorded full albums with other artists such as Ice T, Force MDs and many more.

Portable microphone Booth :

Isolate your microphone and eliminate any unwanted noise in your recordings. There are many DIY videos on how to make your own. if you don't have the time for space for the mess, Grab this affordable/portable booth and record with confidence.

Start Making Beats with one of the best production softwares in the industry. 
Get the right headphones for your recording studio. Mix with confidence.
Macbook Pro's & Hp computers are on sale now. Grab it up now for your studio. Amazon
On a budget? Get this bundle with everything you need to start recording your 1st song. under $500. Can't beat that.
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