About Zieme (Zy-eem)

Zieme is an up and coming R&B star who is already putting in the hard work and dedicated grind of an industry veteran. The sexy singer with the youthful smile and the wise soul is focusing on soulful sounds and taking his songs to the stage so that audiences can see that he is the real deal. A long-time fan of traditional R&B music, he counts Whitney Houston, The Jackson 5 and The Temptations as his musical influences. But the truth is that his talent and showmanship were groomed much closer to home. Zieme is the nephew of the members of the iconic Force MDs, the legendary 90s supergroup that gave the world such hits as “Tears” and “Love Is A House.” He performs with the group today and hones his sweet tenor with these industry giants when he’s not doing his own shows around the globe.

Zieme has been singing since he was 8, singing songs by Michael Jackson, Ginuwine and even Aaliyah because he always liked expressing from his soul. He has developed a singular style of his own and it has made him a confident performer and that has taken him to stages with the likes of Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, Keith Sweat, 112, Neyo and even Lil Wayne and of course the Force MDs and many more. He has also caught the attention of rap legend and television star Ice-T and his wife Co-Co, who featured him on their E! Show and their upcoming talk show.

Zieme’s boyish good looks helps him win over young fans and his soaring and soulful talents prove to the more seasoned crowds that he knows what he’s doing vocally. The essence of his soul is about conveying great music with powerful lyrics and making you feel what he’s singing because what Zieme really wants is for you to love the music as much as he does. That’s the reason he sings and that’s the reason he’s destined to be a star!

pronounced ZY-EEM 

Zieme- Denim
Zieme The Dream
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